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Our guests are awesome and always share their love!




"One of the only maternity stores around (that I've found) and it's inexpensive. Selection varies but I've had a lot of success shopping here. Maternity clothes are already so tough to pick out and you get tired of them so fast, it's hard to justify spending a lot."


You can see Ashley said "Babies to Bellies" at first but then corrected herself in the next line. We didn't edit this because we do not doctor any testimonials just a FYI.


"Bellies to babies is a life saver. I work in a corporate office and have to dress professional everyday. Bellies to babies is a great option to buy great clothes for half the price. Makes having this growing belly and feeling good about myself a lot easier. Not to mention I love the free shipping! Thank you!" 



"I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with all of my Bellies to Babies orders!  The items I've ordered have all arrived well packaged, they've all been in excellent condition, the fit has been great, the colors have been what I expected based on the photos, and the prices have been fantastic.  This is the only place I'll be shopping for maternity clothes, and I've been recommending it to my friends as well!  Your customer service has been great as well.  I couldn't be happier with my experiences with your company!  The rewards program has also been wonderful; it's an incentive to keep shopping!  Keep up the great work, and thanks for being such a great place to shop!"



"I had am amazing first experience with your company! I have a hard time finding just the right maternity wear and it's usually so so pricy.  Even if I can find a deal online shipping kills the deal.  I was so happy to find that you have free shipping,  PLUS discounts, a great referral program AND rewards.  I ordered 1 item and immediately ordered a 2nd when I realized I couldn't pass on it. They came so fast! Thanks so much, I'll continue to refer your company and tell ally friends to check you out."



"First experience was awesome! Fast shipping and the dress was perfect. I will definitely shop again and refer to Bellies and Babies!"


"Great clothing for very reasonable prices. They were very quick with packaging and delivery. I am very happy!!! Will definitely buy from them again...probably right now since I am on their site again!"



"I've ordered several time from here and it's great. Cheap, easy and great service. � Let me also add, I live in CA and request certain items. The staff will look for options for me, email me pics and make personal recommendations. THAT is amazing customer service!! Truly extraordinary. Thx btb!"



I absolutely LOVE your site!! You have been SO easy to shop from, SO fast to get my purchases from (which is greatly appreciated as I quickly getting bigger), and the fact that you ship for free allows me to purchase more actual items than I would have bought otherwise. 
Thank you! 



"Excellent service!  Thank you.  I received my new tops the next day.  I love them.  Even though they are used, they look great and practically brand new!"



"I have ordered twice from this store in one week and I havent been disappointed so far! Apart from their products being high quality, yet affordable, their customer service is superb! Their clothes are super cute and the fabric feels so soft on my skin!The shipment and delivery are always super fast! I'm definitely ordering maternity clothes from them again! Please keep adding more clothes cause I love them all!"



"Thank you for the order!  I love the clothes.  They all fit well and look good!"



"My wardrobe is 3/4 Bellies to Babies item nowadays. I am 8 month and finishing the gestation in style thanks to you guys!"



"I just had my ordered delivered and I can not express how happy I am! Thank you so much for finding and sending my ever elusive boot cut jeans (blame it on the hormones but I started crying when I saw them!) I love every single piece of clothing that I ordered and had to try them on right away! I cried with happiness know that a company would understand the maternity cloths struggle and help a new mother out so much! Again thank you for all the wonderful new additions to my closet! I cant wait to order more! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart! "



"Just received my first order, a blue dress for a baby shower. It fits perfectly and I love it! Thank you so much."



"This was my first time shopping with you and it was a great experience-received my item quickly and as advertised. I plan on ordering from your site again in the future-thank you!"



"Recently found out about Bellies to Babies. I needed a maternity dress for a wedding but I was having a hard time getting to the store during open hours. Of course I was waiting till the last few days. I Facebook messaged them asking if I ordered on-line could they confirm arrival in 3 days. They responded that evening and say it wasn't a problem. The dresses arrived in 2 days. Very impressed with their communication after hours and helping this procrastinating mom-to-be get a great dress for the wedding. I will definitely be doing some more shopping. Thank you!!"



"I love your store and enjoy being able to shop online for re-used items since I am not from Minneapolis. I love finding gems of clothes at affordable prices and being part of the exchange community. Thanks to your store, I can still practice my philosophy of recycling and re-using while pregnant."

"Yay! Got all my shirts! So cute! Now my belly is growing and they look cute!  It's my second order from you guys.. Cute stuff and sure gets here in a hurry!"



"You guys are highly impressive! After my on-line order was placed I received an almost instant response that my order was already "on the way." For other stores that means shipment may sit in their warehouse for days before it's actually sent. Instead, my order arrived the very next day. Thank you for an excellent experience; it's obvious customer service is your priority."



"I can't say enough about this process and the clothing!! Thank you! I must admit I was a little skeptic on what I was getting into...I am more then pleased with the speed of delivery from the order date as well as the quality of clothing!! I will continue to shop with you as well as recommend to other moms to be in my area!"



"I had a wonderful experience with Bellies to Babies! 

I am currently expecting my first and was shocked and appalled by the retail cost of maternity clothes! I was having a difficult time find good deals and sales and I couldn't believe there were no maternity consignment stores where I live. Then I saw an add for Bellies to Babies on my What to Expect app and I checked it out. I loved everything on the site! There are unique items, plenty of options and categories, and I like that new items are added frequently. But best of all are the prices!!! Everything is so reasonable priced and then there is FREE shipping! I couldn't believe my eyes! I finally decided to place an order and try it out and low and behold, it got even better!!! The shipping was not only free but FAST and the items I received are nice, clean, and in great shape. 
Thank you Bellies to Babies for giving me a lower cost option to being pregnant, comfortable, and still fashionable!"


"I am so happy to have found your online store! You always have such a great selection of clothing and I love that you add inventory almost every day. Very happy with your service and speedy shipment as well."



"I'm so excited to have all these new (to me) clothes from your store. They look and fit great!"


"I did the maternity pickup program last weekend & it was awesome! Came to my house, brought me coffee, and I got $250 for my bin of clothes. They took pretty much all of it too. Not like some places where you bring in 30 things & they buy 3. I had nice stuff but still, I was impressed."



"I spent all day Sunday shopping for work shirts, and your site was the only place I could find a good selection of reasonably priced blouses- including hitting up still red like old navy. I literally did all my shirt shopping with you guys in 10 minutes and saved at least $75. So, thank you for existing! Now I know that I won't spend the next 4 months going into the office in t-shirts and fancy jewelry (to dress them up) alone."

"I received the dress I ordered today. Super cute and fits. Will definitely be ordering more items."

"Just received the dress I ordered. I'm so excited!!! Thank you for the fast and free shipping!! It's been difficult to locate professional wear that fits, as I'm plus size. So excited to have found your site!! Will be purchasing more soon!!!!" 



"I truly love this store -- it has a cute boutique feel (with consignment prices)! I found all the clothes to be adorable and of gently used name-brand quality. After checking out some other places that didn't have any maternity clothes or where the prices were outrageous, I'm happy to say that I found tons of cute clothes here, so this was my first + last stop for maternity shopping."



 "Thank you! I was very happy with my first purchase so I made my second tonight. It's so nice to find affordable maternity clothes...and updated styles! Plus fast shipping and speedy responses."


"You guys are so quick and easy to order from. Thank you!"



"I just want to say how thankful I am that I found your website!!! I am so excited!!!

I was a young teenage mother 11 years ago with twins, and now I am stepping into my thirties pregnant again!!! It feels all brand new to me since its been over a decade. I am so excited and ready to look cute while my baby bump grows!!!"




Looking stylish for less Alexa!


"So excited to have found Bellies to Babies. I managed to get lucky to find the exact white lace dress I was looking for just in time for easter. Loved the quick shipping and my great attire for easter thanks to this store.!!"


"Love my shirt, fits perfectly!"



Looking great Jessica, nice B in the background (for Bellies to Babies we presume)!


Shared with us on our Facebook page!


Diamond showing off that bump with a piece from BelliestoB.com


Angelica showing off her bump of color!


Nice Heidi!


Christmas outfits from Bellies to Babies!


Rockin' it!


Showin' it off!

Alena and her bump.


Nice Baby bump, Amber!


Kari, looking stylish


Michelle's second!


Ali with that awesome chalk board!


Clever, Jenna! 

"I was struggling a bit to find clothing that fit me, so I asked the sales clerk if she could point me in the right direction. She did so much more than that, helping me to find several work outfits.  It was near the end of the day and she still searched every rack and even downstairs.  She never rushed me, and helped me make decisions.  It was such a great experience that I wasn't terribly frustrated about what I couldn't find - maybe just in another store? - but was happy to leave with some unexpected finds, and come home to buy the rest on-line.  Kudos to the sales clerk at Hopkins, she made my day!"



"My experience was a 10, I only wish I could've found your company earlier, I absolutely love my clothes!!!"



"Thanks guys. Trying these clothes on made me feel the best I have in my maternity adventure. I dont feel like a sack or like I'm cramming my hips into pants at a fat camp. I feel beautiful =)"



"Great customer service, nice to talk to a person! "
Best wishes,


"I absolutely love the dresses I purchased. I look forward to my next shopping experience!"




"I received my 1st box on Monday (loved it)."



"Just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I appreciated your quick and friendly response to my inquiry. Marissa was great as well. She was prompt, professional and so kind to my curious 3 year old when she was buying my clothing. I will absolutely recommend you to friends." 




"This was my first maternity shopping trip and I loved it. I spent so long there that I kept the kind associate after hours. I found exactly what I need (and more) at great prices. I will be sure to recommend and return!"



"My experience at the store was very positive.  The clerk on the phone when I inquired about the availability of a winter jacket/coat was very helpful. She told me that some women had found the sleeves of the jacket were shorter than needed for some people, that I should measure the sleeve of an existing jacket to be sure it would be long enough.  Because I was purchasing the jacket for my daughter-in-law who lives out of state, this was very important.  Once I found out from my daughter-in-law that the sleeve length was okay, I went to the store and made my purchase. My daughter-in-law is very pleased with the jacket!"    



"I will definitely be doing my maternity shopping here! Thank you for the amazing customer service!" 



"Dear Bellies to Babies Angels, I just want to say I am so happy with this service! What a blessing for moms-to-be on a budget! I am recommending your boxes to all my friends and family. Thanks again."




"I looked at your online store and you have so much cute stuff for super cheap! I wish I would've known about you sooner!"



".....seriously, I cannot express how happy and thankful I am right now! You definitely made my day and much more! (As the tears are still streaming).

Thank you kindly! 



"First time shopping with you online was a wonderful experience! The prices are unbelievable and the item is perfect! Thank you!"




"You can get a bellies to babies subscription box it has really good clothes and the box was just $10 I picked from what style and trimester I'm in and I loved everything I got."



"Was pleasantly surprised with the quality and style of everything! Looking forward to next months box and just wanted to personally thank you for providing this service as it really is great. With everything else to worry about during a pregnancy I think sometimes we overlook ourselves and it's comforting that my wife can feel good about her appearance now even though money is tight and we are often short on time."



"Love the attention you all are spending to satisfy your customers."




"I had a great experience from the merchandise to the cashier. Definitely going to continue shopping here and definitely recommending this store to my fellow pregnant women. I also am thankful for the return policy." 



"My mother in law signed a 2 year contract as a nurse overseas in places she is most needed. This has been a hard (but wonderful) time as we say our goodbyes over the next two weeks. She won’t be able to see our first baby born nor will she get to meet him/her until she gets back to the USA in two years. While we respect her decision to leave so much, it doesn’t make it easy to have her go and miss such a special time in our lives. This morning I had coffee with her, and we took a walk by Bellies to Babies. She has been wanting to get me some maternity outfits before leaving on the ship, so it was the perfect time to go inside and look around! I explain all this to simply say thank you. The woman (I’m so sorry I don’t know her name!) at the Saint Paul store was so incredibly kind and helpful. She made our experience so much more fun and even helped pick some things out. She included my mother in law in the conversation on what to buy and made her feel so special. We walked out of your store feeling over-the-moon excited and couldn’t stop talking about how great our time at Bellies to Babies was. It made one of my last days with her so memorable. Thank you again! I will definitely be back in!"





Olympian Carrie Tollefson visits our St. Paul, MN store





"Hi , I just got my dresses and I want to thank you I am so happy and finally I was able to find a website where the dresses are a good quality and good price."



"This is an awesome thing y'all are doing! Maternity stuff is so expensive lol! Thanks again!"



"My experience with your company I would give a 10, 15 if I could. My order was shipped fast and my dress that I ordered for my baby shower fits amazing and I love it. Thank you so much!
I have told friends about your site, and I will continue shopping through your site when I need maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy!"




"The staff are amazing and I loved the selection of clothing. It was my first maternity clothes shopping experience where I finally found a number of items in one store! I also purchased an item online the day before I shopped and it was an easy process. It arrived so quick!"



"Hey there! I loved my first box. Thanks a ton! I think your service (monthly maternity club) is perfect!"



"You guys are amazing! First time ordering and I have been singing your praises to all the other pregos I know!"



"I recently visited and purchased multiple items from your store in Richfield.  Let me first tell you how excited I was to find out about your store and the quality was fantastic.  I called the Richfield store and spoke with your employee Lindsie.  She was most helpful and very pleasant to speak with.  When I walked in, she welcomed me with a great smile and asked if I needed anything, she was there to assist if need be.  She showed me around the store and also helped pick out a very stylish shirt.  I work in the line of customer service each and every day and it’s hard to find great employees but boy you sure have a great asset to your company.  The average person will go above and beyond to make sure people know how horrible a store is or how they are mistreated but 9 times out of 10 if something/someone treats them with kindness and respect, it’s forgotten." 

"Please know that I will 100% recommend your store to all of my friends that are expecting or will be expecting in the future."

Thank you.



"I loved my box! I have worn all of them more than once! The prices are also awesome! Thanks so much!" 



"I can't tell you guys enough how awesome y'all are!!  I only wish I had known about you during my first pregnancy - I would have saved a zillion dollars and my wardrobe would have been much more sophisticated than a dozen ruched-sided t-shirts.  :-) "



Read what some of them had to say....





“I LOVE that there is a maternity clothing store in Hopkins, MN!  I was able to get a decent "get me through the next 5 months" wardrobe without breaking the bank - which of course I love. I appreciate that the store only has nice quality garments and that the costs for each item are reasonable.”

"I participate in a Facebook group called “Prior Lake/Savage Mommies” and they have just been going crazy over Bellies to Babies. Ladies post about how it works, how amazing it is, and will post your URL address.  I read about Bellies to Babies at least a couple of times a week!! – they also reference it by shortening the name to “B2B”. I just thought it would be a good idea to let you know how popular you are with the ladies in the southern metro!" 



"I just wanted to send a note. I find your service to be outstanding!"



"Just wore pants from you today! I got 3 bottoms and 5 tops all for under $100. Was definitely happy with my purchases. Fitting rooms and bathroom were so cutely decorated too smile emoticon I went to the Richfield location."



"I plan on staying with you guys for my full pregnancy for Monthly Maternity Box!"
"I want to say that I just love the changes happening at the store and I tell all of my friends about your new services and friendly environment. Thanks for having an awesome store!"




"Can I just say, everyone at Bellies to Babies is awesome. Love your store!"



"I want to give a quick thank you to Alexis who just stopped by to buy my maternity clothes. This service is the BEST THING EVER! Free, hot caribou coffee, great prices on my consigned clothes, plus all I had to do was sit at home and they came to me. I highly recommend this service and more specifically Alexis! I can't say enough how impressed I am with her professionalism and customer service! Great experience!"



"Bellies to Babies provides such an important service to the community. I thought I couldn't afford nice maternity clothes until coming into Bellies to babies! it's a great feeling to be able to afford to look nice, especially when pregnant and not always feeling so nice!"


"My experience at Bellies to Babies was great. I came in looking for work clothes and came out with pants and several shirts I am excited to wear. The sales woman was so kind and helpful. I will definitely be back again soon!"



Thanks Bellies to Babies



"Great spot - I'm three weeks away from delivery, so I stopped into your store to sell some of my maternity clothes and was surprised to get such a fair offer.  Well worth a return trip with the rest of my maternity clothing when I'm all done - I've not had the same experience with any other type of consignment store.  I'll happily recommend to my friends as well."




"The clothing is great-love the store. I decided to check out your online shopping, very convenient! It's nice to be able to shop from home and not spend a ton on maternity clothes."



"Great store! I went there and got tons of maternity clothes...."



"I love this store, I always find cute clothes at a reasonable price."



"I love bellies to babies! I found adorable maternity clothes there while pregnant..."



"I found a lot of my maternity clothes at bellies to babies..... Love the selection and saving money."



"I have found some great deals here, including my favorite pair of maternity jeans for $10 that I wear almost every single day now that's it's fall!"



"Got a great deal on a winter coat and some really cute sweaters. Love the selection, prices, and staff."



"Found some amazing things at fabulous prices for pregnancy number two, plus my 2 year old had fun running around and playing. I need to come back and look for a coat!"



"Love both locations! I have saved tons of money shopping here than buying brand new. All my clothes were in very good condition and some even had the original tags on them, so they were brand new!"



"This store is so awesome. Great clothes at great prices. I drove 40 min to get there today and really glad I did! Will def be back :)"



"They are amazing! We went to a demo from Do Good Diapers. Had all of our questions answered and picked up some new clothes for me that I will actually fit into for awhile and a great price."



"I buy all my maternity clothes here and have found some amazing dresses for weddings here! I love this place!"



"Bought almost all of my maternity clothes here. EXCELLENT selection, AWESOME prices, and AMAZING quality! :-)"



"LOVE this place! I bought almost all my maternity clothes here! They are so nice and helpful here! I've told all my pregnant friends about this place!"



"I love this store! I bought 90% of my wardrobe here. The employees are always friendly and I recommend this place to everyone I know."
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