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What to look for when buying foods for baby

What to look for when buying foods for baby 0

As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to read to them. Reading baby aloud helps them to master sound and rhythms which are critical in language development.  Here are important things you should look for when buying books that can help the kids develop the culture of reading.

For children that are between birth and six months, the infant vision is still developing, thus, choosing books with no text but with a high contrast pictures is recommended. Consider buying books with interactive staff such as peepholes, mirrors, and puppets.

If your baby are between 7-12 months, they have started grasping words and the name of things. As such, it is advisable that you buy books that have one object on every page. Point to the pictures call them by names and show interest in them. As you do this, you should allow the baby to bubble back after you have read.  It is an important conversation that helps him to learn to talk.

For kids that are between 13 and 18 months, you may buy books that can help introduce the children to sentences. You should read the books as you try to act the story. This way the baby will find fun in reading, and they will want to participate in the acting. You may allow them to participate by asking questions such as what does the dog do?

At the age of 19 and 24 months, they find it easier to look at the books and pretend that they are reading. You may help them by explaining some of the things you may be seeing. Continue reading and acting because it helps them remember new words.

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Foods that could be dangerous to your unborn baby

Foods that could be dangerous to your unborn baby 0

Some women find it easy to conceive while others must struggle and spend months trying to become pregnant. As such, a pregnant woman needs to take care of herself to reduce chances of miscarrying.  Some foods that find their way into our kitchen are dangerous and should be avoided by pregnant women who aspire to carry the pregnancy to full term. Consequently, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, the following foods should be avoided if possible.


All types of pate food whether made from vegetable or meat must be avoided since pate contain a higher level of listeria bacteria. When a woman is pregnant, the body’s natural defense against listeria diminishes meaning that eating food that contains this bacteria can lead to infection. The patient will experience mild flu-like symptoms which may appear several months after infection.

The illness may be mild but may harm the unborn baby. The bacteria can cause miscarriage and premature birth or loss of the baby. Women who develop listeriosis during the last month give birth to babies who are ill.  Fortunately, most pregnant women who eat pate during pregnancy have a low risk of being infected. Also, eating pate made of liver exposes the pregnant woman to a higher level of retinol, a type of vitamin A that is harmful to the unborn baby.


Green papaya contains an enzyme that causes uterine contractions. It means that women who eat papaya could actually experience contractions which could lead to complications if it is early in the pregnancy.


Pineapple is commonly used during the delivery time because it makes the process easy and fast.  The fruit contains bromelain which makes the uterine muscles smooth and could create discomfort to mama.

Aloe Vera

Pregnant women should not drink or eat anything that contains Aloe Vera. The reason is that Aloe Vera can lead to hemorrhaging in some cases.

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Increasing your chances of conceiving

Increasing your chances of conceiving 0

Some people conceive easily while others find it extremely difficult. Conceiving is a natural process that should happen when a mature egg meets a male sperm cell. This post looks at tips that can help women who are yearning to become mothers conceive easily.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Eating plenty of zinc alongside vitamins B, E, selenium, and iron is recommended since it helps to make you feel energized and improves the quality of sperms in men.

Avoid Unhealthy Fats

Even though potato chips and other snacks are enjoyable, it is important that you don’t consume them in large quantities if you are trying to conceive. Too much unhealthy fats will only increase infertility problems. Avoid trans-fats since they are likely to lead to inflammation and may impact on ovulation and development of the baby. Therefore, trans fats such as French fries, cookies and fried chicken should be avoided.

Increase Intake of Folate and Iron

If you are planning to take your fertility to the next level, enhancing your folate intake is recommended. They are essential nutrients that make a difference in the body’s ability to conceive. Folic acid and iron help to strengthen DNA, which in turn helps to keep homocysteine within a good range. Therefore eating foods rich in folates, such as spinach, chickpeas, and Lima beans is recommended.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Radiation

Don’t keep your cellphones in your pocket since it reduces the potency of sperms and significantly reduces the likelihood of conceiving. Also, avoid staying in the sun to help overcome fertility problems related to radiation.

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Sleep disorders in children

Sleep disorders in children 0

Most children will have trouble sleeping at some point in their lives because of watching scary shows in the day, or because of excitement over the next day’s events. Sleeping problems in kids is, therefore, a big problem which should not be ignored. Thus, measures must be taken to stem it before it gets out of hand.

Sleeplessness becomes a big issue if it makes it difficult for the child to wake up in the morning. The problem has been found to lower the Childs IQ. Children who suffered from insomnia are incapable of concentrating or even solving problems that require some level of thinking.  Also, insufficient sleep in children has been found to be one of the reasons behind childhood obesity since it interferes with the hormones that determine appetite.

Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that children who show signs of sleeplessness are helped. The first thing that should be done is to ensure that you eliminate the nights of disrupted sleep. Studies show that the more nights of disrupted sleep a child experiences, the more the chances that he will develop a habit of enduring sleeplessness. Notice that the longer the child takes enduring difficulties in sleeping, the more likely that he will learn how not to sleep.

Thus, to deal with a sleep disorder that involves interruptions, it is recommended that the amount of light in the rooms where the child sleeps should be minimized.  Avoid banging doors or making noise, which is likely to interfere with the child’s sleep. If the sleep disorder does not go away on its own, it is recommended that you take the child to an expert for further assessment and medical help.



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