Interesting And Fun Articles An Expectant Women Should Read!


3 Worries Debunked 0

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to worry about their pregnancy and their baby. At first the excitement of learning you are pregnant keeps the worry at bay, but sooner than...

  • Dan Canfield

How To Take The Perfect Baby Bump Photo...EXPLAINED 0


Want to document your baby bump with a few great photos? Taking a photo of your growing belly can be difficult, so you want the photo to look good and capture the happiness of....

  • Dan Canfield

3 Ways To Not Get Upset When Naming Your Baby. 0


Picking your baby’s name can be a tricky process. You take your time picking the perfect name only to have someone close to you steal the name you selected for...

  • Dan Canfield
To Get An Epidural Or Not....

To Get An Epidural Or Not.... 1



Deciding whether or not to get an epidural when you are in labor is a very personal choice. It helps to have all the information possible before you make that decision. At one point.....

  • Dan Canfield

5 Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts 0

Being pregnant is exciting because there is so much to look forward to. That being said, there are tons of things you need to avoid doing when you are pregnant for the

  • Dan Canfield

5 Great Workouts To Do When Pregnant 0


There are many benefits to exercising when you are pregnant. First and foremost, it can help make labor and delivery easier. Think about how much easier pushing...

  • Dan Canfield