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3 Pregnancy Snacks You Probably Have Never Heard Of 0

Have you ever tried to look for pregnancy snacks? We have looked all over and only found 2 specific snacks that are branded for "pregnant women".


  • Dan Canfield

You Must Have These Items In Your Pregnancy Bag (You Are Probably Missing The Third One...) 0

Experts recommend that you pack your bag for the hospital roughly three weeks before your due date. Not sure what to pack? You want to make sure you have...

  • Dan Canfield

25 Easy Ways To Annoy A Toddler 0

If you have kids, you will at one time or another have this irrational creature living in your house called a toddler. They are hilarious and cute and very easily annoyed. Here are just some of the many ways that you can annoy a toddler…

  • Dan Canfield

How To Take Care Of YOURSELF During The Postpartum Period 0

1. Do sleep when your baby sleeps.

2. Do consume adequate fluids, it's an important part of good nutrition and may also prevent constipation.

  • Dan Canfield

7 Healthier Chocolate Cravings When Pregnant 0

Craving chocolate since you became pregnant? Want to stay on the healthy side with your snacking? You don’t have to eat a chocolate bar to satisfy your cravings. There are plenty...

  • Dan Canfield

Can Vitamin D Decrease Labor Pains? 0

According to a new study done by the American Society of Anesthesiologists women with low levels of vitamin D had more....

  • Dan Canfield