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Teething Your Baby 101 0

1. Your baby's first tooth usually comes out at 3 - 6 months old.

2. Babies biting their fingers or mommy's fingers to relieve pressure off their gum maybe a sign of teething.

  • Dan Canfield

7 VERY Helpful Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep 0

Get your baby used to ordinary noises when they’re sleeping so it will not restrict your activities. Some examples include use of the dishwasher, washer-dryer machines, and blow drying your hair....

  • Dan Canfield

5 Crazy Pregnancy Myths Debunked 0

Get pregnant and you will hear the craziest pregnancy myths you can imagine...

  • Dan Canfield

The Must Knows When Sick And Pregnanct 0

There is nothing worse than being pregnant and being sick. You can try your best to avoid germs, but pregnant women do get colds, it's inevitable. When you're sick and pregnant, it can be hard to know...

  • Dan Canfield

50 reasons to be glad you're pregnant (Part 2) 0

Part 2 of 50 reasons to be glad you're pregnant, some great nuggets in here!



  • Dan Canfield

50 reasons to be glad you're pregnant (Part 1) 0

This is a great article to read when you are feeling a little morning sickness or scared....


  • Dan Canfield