Interesting And Fun Articles An Expectant Women Should Read!


Are You Making A Mistake By Not Having A Midwife? 0

Just found out you are expecting? Congratulations! Now that you know you are going to have a baby you have to pick a care provider. If you have been seeing the same ob/gyn for years it may seem...

  • Dan Canfield

Follow These Guidelines When Your Partner Is Pregnant 0

So your significant other is pregnant, what does that mean for you? It’s smart to know what you are dealing with so you don’t stumble along the way. The following a list of things every man should know about pregnancy.

  • Dan Canfield

3 Famous Actresses Who Swear By This Product To Slim Down After Pregnancy 0

How do celebrity moms getting their figure back in shape so quickly after giving birth? Sure they have their own personal trainers, but they also have a secret that is more attainable than you might think. It is called...

  • Dan Canfield

6 Awesome Tools For Tuck-In 0

Need your shut-eye? A sleep expert shares gear every new parent needs when trying to get a handle on bedtime

  • Dan Canfield

Setting Up Finances Before You're Due 0

Wills, guardianship, and life insurance— important details you should take care of when baby’s born

When you’re expecting a baby, there’s so much to do!

  • Dan Canfield

5 Strategies For Calming Your Baby 0

1.10- to 15-minute massage:  Run your fingers across your infant’s skin using moderate pressure, use synthetic oils, as some infants are allergic to nut oils.

2. Motion: Rocking in a chair or swing often helps to calm a baby, but pay attention to your child’s cues. For some little ones, the motion of a vibrating chair or bouncy swing can actually be overstimulating.Also try dancing with your infant, taking a walk in the stroller, or the going for the almost-fail-proof drive around the block......

  • Dan Canfield