Interesting And Fun Articles An Expectant Women Should Read!


Keeping The Romance Alive After Pregnancy 0

Once parenthood sets in your idea of romance changes considerably. Now your mate has to think outside the box in order for you to get in the mood.

  • Dan Canfield

Keep In Mind When Pregnant..... 0

Despite how it may feel at times pregnancy goes by quick and before you know it your little one will be here and the days will go flying by. In hindsight

  • Dan Canfield

What You Can and Can Not Do When Pregnant 0

When you get pregnant you can no longer do everything you did before. Suddenly you have a list of things that you can’t do. That being said....

  • Dan Canfield

Crucial Dos And Don'ts When Prego.... (You Will Want To Read This) 0

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but sometimes it can be scary too. Knowing what you can and can’t do can be the source of a lot of worry. Can you get your nails done....

  • Dan Canfield

5 Cool Items For A New Baby 0

Don’t know what you need to have on hand when your baby comes? Not sure what car seat or stroller is the best? We made

  • Dan Canfield

Labor Delivery Fears Debunked 0

So you are finally pregnant! This is an exciting time for you, but you have a nagging fear of the labor and delivery process. Will you be able to face the pain? Will everything go as planned? Believe it or not...

  • Dan Canfield