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What to know about supplementing baby

What to know about supplementing baby 0

There is nothing wrong with supplementing breastmilk with formula. Others may just choose to supplement to allow the babysitter to give the baby a bottle or two when they are away. Also, moms who don’t have enough milk to help the baby to grow properly will find it necessary to supplement breastfeeding with formula.

Even when you choose to supplement, it is important that you continue breastfeeding even if it means breastfeeding the baby once a day. It is true that formula will provide your baby with all the nutrients she requires, but it does not contain the immune factors that protect the baby from illness. 

Note that the supply of breast milk is dependent on the demand. So breastfeeding the baby often prepares the body to supply more breast milk. It means that if you supplement your milk with at least two bottles a week, it will not have a big impact on your milk supply. However, when you supplement with formula immediately after you give birth and you do it regularly, there are high chances that your milk supply will start diminishing.

You may start supplementing if you plan to build up a bank of milk to be used later. It can help you pump your breast milk and have it frozen and can help keep the level of milk supply high.

How to Tell Whether the Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

Before you start supplementing your breast milk with formula, you need to establish whether your baby is getting enough milk or not. There are a few things you can check and tell whether the baby is getting plenty of milk or not. Firstly, a well-fed baby should produce a frequent mustard yellow stool. she should produce one after being fed. Second, the baby should have wet diapers 6-8 times a day. Lastly, check the weekly weight to ensure she is gaining those ounces!


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When to have sex after delivery

When to have sex after delivery 0

When should couples start having sex after the baby is born? This is the most profound question that has been asked by first-time parents and those who are preparing to have their firstborn baby. If you are among these parents, you should not worry since this post will outline tested suggestions that can help you lead a normal sex life.

It is prudent that you heal first before thinking about having sex. Having a baby is a tedious exercise that leaves the expectant mother exhausted. In addition, it also depends on whether the delivery is normal or cesarean. It is important that you take enough care so as to avoid conceiving soon as well. So what is the best time to start having sex after birth? It all depends on the individual cases, however, six weeks is the minimum time you should take.  You also need to go for a postpartum check-up where the doctor will advise you on the contraception methods available to protect you from conceiving again in the early months.

Talk to your partner too because it is likely that you may feel pain and discomfort during sex in the first several months. Notice that most couples will choose to start having sex once again two-four months after the baby is born. However, if you think you can wait longer, go ahead. It is also important to remember that most women may be disinterested in having sex because hormonal changes bring about diminished sex drive which may last for several months. However, it should not make you worried since it will bounce back within a year.


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Keeping your children active

Keeping your children active 0

Just like adults, children too need to remain active throughout the day to promote healthy growth and development. Notice that kids who establish a healthy lifestyle pattern when young will continue to reap the benefits later in life. 

Exercises make children’s bones grow stronger and improve their muscles and joints.  A child who engages in physical activities is likely to have a healthier weight range compared to those who are not and will also interact with and learn from their friends as they take part in activities. 

Activities also help the brain to grow and enhances the child’s concentration. When children exercise in a team, they learn to be part of the team, especially where they have to do the activities with members of their family or friends.

As a parent, it is necessary that you provide support and guidance to the child and let them do those exercises that match their level of fitness. Praises and rewards should be used when the child makes an achievement but don’t allow the children to over exercise too soon since that can result in injuries.  Ensure you include warm and cool down activities in each session and, buy your child the right protective gear to reduce injury.

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The Best Sports Gear for Children this Season! 0

 If you want to get your kids out and active sports gear is the way to go but, what is the best sports gear to get? What are your children going to love? Well, read on to find out.


The BacKstop is a a good one to practice pitching to determine whether you’re throwing a ball or a strike.  it’s essentially an inflatable catcher that has a zone where if it’s backed by the net, and if the pitch doesn’t end up there, it won’t strike.  This is good for hardball substitutes and other wiffleball products.  If you’re looking to get your child more into pitching, this is the way to do it.



Getting your child a trampoline doesn't mean just a ton of fun, it’s a great exercise.  Trampolines are perfect for the outdoors since they are fun to jump around in, especially during the warmer months. Lots of times, trampolines are fun too if you’re looking to really get your child exercising.  If you don’t have the space for it, you can also get smaller trampolines, or if you know the child isn’t fully potty trained and you want them near the bathroom.  A trampoline is a great gift, and there are some that come with full nets, allowing you to protect your child as well.


Boxing Set

Does your child do martial arts? Well, why not get them a boxing set. This can be anything from the small boxing gloves to even a boxing set where the child can practice. Your child may be a future Merryweather for all you know, and you can get a fun boxing set for them. Personally, I love the one where your child can throw some punches about, and you’ll be able to get them to not only expel probably a ton of the pent-up energy they have, but also get them to get better at this too. Plus, it works well with other martial arts too. So yes, if your child likes to throw punches and is interested in boxing, this is a good way to get started with this.


Starter Golf Club set

Some children love to golf, and if you’re a parent that has a child that enjoys it, this is the perfect set. Usually, each starter club set involves a unique array of different clubs to choose from, that work with everything from putting to even teeing off. If your child is one who likes to play golf, or is interested in learning this sport, a set is a great way to get the child to master their skills, and it’s a good beginner set that they can work with.

Baseball 360

Does your child play baseball? Do they want to get better? Well, why not give them the perfect hitting solution they need! This is a way to measure your hits, and to determine the data that you put forwards. There is a silicone blast sensor that you put at the bottom of whatever baseball bat you use, and from there, through the use of motion-capture technology, you can find out all of the data that you need on every swing you take, whether you’re doing it at the batting area itself, or even the angle of the pitch and whether or not it was a type of attack or not.  It will give you draw data to work with, but it also will give you drills and tips to improve your training. If you want to get better at baseball, this is a worthy investment for every promising young player.

For many parents, buying them sports gear is something that will help get them started on their hobby. If your child has ever been interested in sports, I highly encourage you get them something to help facilitate that excitement and desire. Parents can get their children interested in sports with the right gear, and you can always look to find out more popular spots gear that your child will use, and ones that will allow them to get better every time. If your child has siblings or even is preparing for a sibling, this is a great way to get everyone involved and healthy too.

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Preparing your child for a sibling

Preparing your child for a sibling 0

It is true that the arrival of a new member of the family comes with changes that require a lot of preparations and attention. As a result, the older sibling may feel ignored and neglected and leaving them feeling jealous.  If the arrival of the newborn is sudden, the sibling may find it difficult to handle the situation forcing them to act weirdly. so, what do you do?

Depending on the child’s maturity level, you may consider telling them about the impending sibling. Telling them the period when the new baby will arrive such as winter or summer may prepare them for the new baby. The children should be given a chance to ask questions, and you should try to answer them to their satisfaction. For instance, they may want to know where the child will come from. Find an appropriate way to explain it.  You may tell them that the baby comes from the mother’s belly.

If the child gets excited about the new baby, encourage them to ask more questions and learn more about the newcomer.  You may also take the opportunity to explain that they will now have a brother or a sister. Teach them how they will hold the new baby when it comes.

As the days draw closer, tell the kids that you will be away for a few days (hospital) and instruct the caretaker to allow them to visit you while in the hospital after you give birth as this makes them understand that giving birth is a family event.

Lastly, ensure that you make changes such as moving the older babies to their new bed or room a few months or weeks before your due date.






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Quick tips to follow when preggo

Quick tips to follow when preggo 0

The Weight You Should Gain

Talk to your doctor so that they recommend the weight you should gain to help you carry the pregnancy to full term. Gaining between 25- 30 pounds is recommended. 

What to Eat

A pregnant woman should always eat a balanced diet. Ensure that the food you eat is fully cooked so as not to expose yourself to risks. Care must be taken if you will be eating fish, eggs, and meat. Do not eat shark, King mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish as they are loaded with mercury that is harmful to the growing fetus. If you love tuna, don’t eat more than 12 ounces in one week.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The best thing you can do for your baby is to eat a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables are quite important and should be eaten in plenty when pregnant. However, you must ensure that you wash all the produce before eating them.

Dairy products

You should eat at least 4 servings of dairy products each day. It gives you the calcium your baby requires. However, ensure that you don’t drink unpasteurized milk because it has bacteria that can cause an infection.



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