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Helping a mother who has lost a newborn 0

Be by her side

A grieving mother needs someone beside her. She needs to hear your voice, experience your love and listen to consoling words.  Learn how you can help her end lactation using therapeutic and emotional support.

Keep flowers away

Don’t allow visitors to bring in flowers. When the bouquets wither and dry, the grieving mother gets may get depressed. You may allow a few cards and notes as  they show the grieving mother that someone is caring for her.

Let her read books

A mother who has lost a newborn may need something to keep her busy. A good magazine or a thrilling novel could help her. It reduces the time she spends thinking about her departed baby.

Manage social media

Let her tell you how they want you to deal with their social media and offer to filter her information to make her transition easier.

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How to care for your sick child

How to care for your sick child 0

A sick child will not eat normally. Also, they may not be able to eat regular foods, and so you will need to adjust their diet. The rule of thumb is that a child should be given foods of their choice and give them a wide range of foods to choose from. Do not force your baby to feed on meals they don’t like but ensure that you will offer them nutritional meals.

Your child should eat foods loaded with all the nutrients to help fight infections. Children who are too weak to chew or swallow solid foods should be given liquid foods and if your child has lost their appetite, there is a need to provide them with supplements to help repair the immune system and stop the body from using the muscles and body fat for energy.

Note that the child may not eat large quantities of food. So, it may be necessary to continue giving them whichever foods they eat in small amounts.

If you notice they are finding it difficult to swallow, give them soft food but do not dilute the foods. Let them eat what they can until the appetite increases. 



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What to do when baby cries at night

What to do when baby cries at night 0

Most mothers may not know what to do when the baby cries at night.  It is even worse for first-time mothers. But it is important to remember that a baby will always cry because of some reasons. Identifying the cause of the cry and attending to it may provide a solution to the problem. So what should one do when a baby cries at night?

  1. Breastfeed or help her sleep

A baby will always cry when hungry. The best thing to do is to breastfeed her. If you realize that the baby continues to cry even after breastfeeding, it may be in need of sleep. Try to soothe her by swaddling or walking with her around. Ensure that you maintain a body contact with the baby as you do all this.

  1. Allergy

Your baby may cry because of allergy. If you notice that the baby cries for three hours in a day for three days, it may be doing so because of the cow’s milk allergy. Talk to the doctor and let them recommend products that manage colic.

  1. Discomfort

The baby may cry because of other underlying reasons other than hunger, sleep or allergy. You need to check out if there is anything causing discomfort. Try to change the diaper or condition the room if it is too cold or too hot.

Find a way to encourage your baby to cry less and sleep more. It will help her develop and reduces risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.




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How to help your pouch disappear after birth

How to help your pouch disappear after birth 0

After delivery, a mother may still have a distended tummy. Also, she will realize that she has stretch marks and some big dark lines. This is normal because the abdominal muscles slacken after 9 months of pregnancy.  Luckily, it is possible to get the tummy back to its original position by doing the following things:

  1. Proper diet

A woman who has given birth should be put on a properly balanced diet to help her body recover. Healthy soups, fruits, and vegetables are recommended. You should avoid junk foods and sugary drinks but it may take about 6 weeks for the tummy to return to normal. 

  1. Exercising

Although it may be difficult to exercise especially after undergoing a C section delivery, a woman who has delivered normally should exercise after 2-4 weeks as it helps to burn the extra fat that leads to a big belly  

Also, a mother who has delivered may not get enough time to exercise. They are always overwhelmed with caring for the baby. But for normal delivery, the mother should start exercising two to four weeks after delivery while for C-section delivery she should rest for six weeks. Let her start with light exercises.  For instance, a 30-minute walk around the compound per day should be enough exercise for her.

Go for a therapy

A mother with an abdominal separation caused by the pressure of baby in the womb may end up with a big belly. The doctor may recommend a therapy including tying a piece of cloth around the tummy to help to support the abdominal muscles.

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Best Ways to Stop Overeating

Best Ways to Stop Overeating 0

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What to wear when breastfeeding

What to wear when breastfeeding 0

A breastfeeding mother must always change their wardrobe if they want to cope with the demands of feeding. So what options are available for a breastfeeding mother?

Vintage Button down Shirt

It should be of oversize fit to allow for manoeuvrability. The shirt should be made of a soft fabric and should easily be moved on the side to allow for easy suckling. The shirt should be easy to open and pull up so that they expose the breasts. You may also opt for a nursing top with sides that can be pulled over. These types of tops are designed in a way that they will be won even after you stop breastfeeding.

Nursing Bra

Nursing bras come in different designs but those with flaps and panels that can be moved to allow you to breastfeed are the best. A good bra should be comfortable and fit well. It should provide support for the milk filled breast. A bra made and fitted with absorbent fabric is the best because it will leave you feeling better.

Nursing Tank Tops

A breastfeeding mother must have a cami added to their wardrobe. The cami should have sides that can be unclipped and pulled down. It should be a comfortable top that allows one to easily access the breast and feed the baby. You can choose to wear a tank top alone or have some other form of clothing on its top.

Nursing sleepwear

Super comfortable and allows you to easily breast at night. Ensure that you purchase several nursing sleepwear designed for breastfeeding. They will help you nurse your baby with ease.



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