Why prenatal care is so important


Prenatal care includes, but is not limited to, weight checks, physical examination and urine testing. This care is critical to women who are pregnant. The visits include discussing with the mother about the health of the infant and answering questions they may have about pregnancy.  Prenatal care can help to educate and inform the woman about the steps that ought to be taken to protect the unborn baby while at the same time detect and prevent complications that may arise during pregnancy.

Prenatal care is meant to help reduce the risks associated with pregnancy. It introduces them to safe diets, give them tips on exercises and educate them on how they can reduce the risks of being exposed to harmful substances such as radiation.

Prenatal care helps in detecting and controlling conditions like diabetes, preeclampsia and blood pressure.

Women are advised on alcohol and tobacco use. These are the main causes of sudden infant death syndrome risks. Alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The disorder is the main cause of a variety of issues such as heart, borne and kidney issues as well as intellectual disability, poor memory, poor coordination and having a small head.

The expectant mother is taught the importance of certain foods and nutrients such as folic acid, which is known to reduce neural tube defects. In addition, during the prenatal care, the mothers are given prenatal vitamins.

Note that prenatal care helps to ensure that the medication the mothers takes is safe. The expectant mothers will be advised on the medication they can take without seeking advice from a physician. They will also be taught about the drugs they should avoid including dangerous medications such as herbal supplements and acne treatments should be avoided.

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