When to have sex after delivery

When to have sex after delivery

When should couples start having sex after the baby is born? This is the most profound question that has been asked by first-time parents and those who are preparing to have their firstborn baby. If you are among these parents, you should not worry since this post will outline tested suggestions that can help you lead a normal sex life.

It is prudent that you heal first before thinking about having sex. Having a baby is a tedious exercise that leaves the expectant mother exhausted. In addition, it also depends on whether the delivery is normal or cesarean. It is important that you take enough care so as to avoid conceiving soon as well. So what is the best time to start having sex after birth? It all depends on the individual cases, however, six weeks is the minimum time you should take.  You also need to go for a postpartum check-up where the doctor will advise you on the contraception methods available to protect you from conceiving again in the early months.

Talk to your partner too because it is likely that you may feel pain and discomfort during sex in the first several months. Notice that most couples will choose to start having sex once again two-four months after the baby is born. However, if you think you can wait longer, go ahead. It is also important to remember that most women may be disinterested in having sex because hormonal changes bring about diminished sex drive which may last for several months. However, it should not make you worried since it will bounce back within a year.


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