What to wear when expecting in winter


If your pregnancy falls in the winter months it is very important that you protect you and your developing baby from the cold.

For starters, it is necessary that all the winter fittings for an expectant mother be made from super soft materials. This will ensure that the mother is kept warm all through and through. Long sleeves, knit maternity tops, maternity jeans, and boots are thought to be the best for the mother.


The importance of keeping the mother warm cannot be overemphasized. Consider buying an open cardigan made from a knit soft material. The cardigan should be long sleeved to further protect the hands. Combining the cardigan with boots and maternity jeans will keep you stylish and comfortable.

Cowl neck sweater

If you are tall, consider buying the cowl neck sweater with leggings. It is an ideal wear for tall ladies who want to keep themselves warm, cover their bodies, and protect themselves from potential front bite.

Generally, ensure that your winter wardrobe is updated and filled with long tops and pants. Also, remember to buy the right bras and underwear that will keep you comfortable and warm during pregnancy


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