What to wear when breastfeeding

What to wear when breastfeeding

A breastfeeding mother must always change their wardrobe if they want to cope with the demands of feeding. So what options are available for a breastfeeding mother?

Vintage Button down Shirt

It should be of oversize fit to allow for manoeuvrability. The shirt should be made of a soft fabric and should easily be moved on the side to allow for easy suckling. The shirt should be easy to open and pull up so that they expose the breasts. You may also opt for a nursing top with sides that can be pulled over. These types of tops are designed in a way that they will be won even after you stop breastfeeding.

Nursing Bra

Nursing bras come in different designs but those with flaps and panels that can be moved to allow you to breastfeed are the best. A good bra should be comfortable and fit well. It should provide support for the milk filled breast. A bra made and fitted with absorbent fabric is the best because it will leave you feeling better.

Nursing Tank Tops

A breastfeeding mother must have a cami added to their wardrobe. The cami should have sides that can be unclipped and pulled down. It should be a comfortable top that allows one to easily access the breast and feed the baby. You can choose to wear a tank top alone or have some other form of clothing on its top.

Nursing sleepwear

Super comfortable and allows you to easily breast at night. Ensure that you purchase several nursing sleepwear designed for breastfeeding. They will help you nurse your baby with ease.



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