What to do when baby cries at night

What to do when baby cries at night

Most mothers may not know what to do when the baby cries at night.  It is even worse for first-time mothers. But it is important to remember that a baby will always cry because of some reasons. Identifying the cause of the cry and attending to it may provide a solution to the problem. So what should one do when a baby cries at night?

  1. Breastfeed or help her sleep

A baby will always cry when hungry. The best thing to do is to breastfeed her. If you realize that the baby continues to cry even after breastfeeding, it may be in need of sleep. Try to soothe her by swaddling or walking with her around. Ensure that you maintain a body contact with the baby as you do all this.

  1. Allergy

Your baby may cry because of allergy. If you notice that the baby cries for three hours in a day for three days, it may be doing so because of the cow’s milk allergy. Talk to the doctor and let them recommend products that manage colic.

  1. Discomfort

The baby may cry because of other underlying reasons other than hunger, sleep or allergy. You need to check out if there is anything causing discomfort. Try to change the diaper or condition the room if it is too cold or too hot.

Find a way to encourage your baby to cry less and sleep more. It will help her develop and reduces risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.




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  • Dan Canfield
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