What goes in to having a healthy pregnancy


Carrying pregnancy to full term is important and mother needs to eat nourishing food, exercise, lead a stress-free life and drink a lot of water. This post looks at some of the critical things that an expectant mother should do to help carry the pregnancy to full term.

Eating Whole Foods

Whole foods nourish and give the body the energy required to carry the pregnancy. Also, it will affect the growing baby and provide the building blocks the baby’s body requires. It is recommended that an expectant mother should eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible. Fresh fruits, grass fed organic meat, whole grains, dairy products and eggs are recommended.

Body Movements

The body of an expectant mother changes in shape rapidly and increase in size and weight. The mother needs regular exercises to remain strong and flexible which also plays a critical role in helping to carry the baby and meet the demand for labor and breastfeeding.

Manage Stress

Stress can be challenging and should be kept at bay by all means. Pregnant mothers need to learn to transform and resolve stress as it arises. Embrace a culture that lowers the stress level. Some of the causes of stress stem from the rapidly changing body, energy levels, increased blood volume, prenatal appointments and much more.

Drinking Water

A pregnant mother will always feel thirsty. This is why she must try to drink as much water as possible. Ensure that you carry a bottle of water and consume about ten glasses every day. This will not just keep you hydrated but will prevent nausea.  Also, it helps to keep the amniotic amount fluid at the right level as dehydration is the number one cause of morning sickness.


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  • Dan Canfield
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