Tips for Maternity Shopping this Holiday Season


From the familiar fragrance of pine trees to the fairy lights that have descended on houses and the festive cheer in the air, Christmas is here! This is the time of the year we have all been waiting for, to let our hair down and look our best in festive dressing.

To be honest, as much as it may sound like fun, I have been at my wit’s end trying to figure out the ‘right outfit’ for these special occasions. However, with two pregnancies during two holiday seasons, now I am amped up with practical style ideas to construct a look which is beautiful and comfortable at the same time. In this blog I have listed the hottest trends in maternity fashion according to each trimester.

First Trimester

Women in their first trimester go through minimal outer body changes like putting on a few extra kilos, getting fuller breasts, depending on person to person, according to Mums also usually guard the good news through their first trimester. So dressing-up options could include chic oversized jumpers teamed with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt and finish the look with big solid earrings. You can also go for black or other dark colors as per your personal style to accentuate your look while keeping your weight camouflaged.

Avoid outfits that are figure hugging or tight like body-con dresses from your closet and stick to flowy silhouettes. This will also ensure you don’t have to shell out a lot to look effortlessly gorgeous.

Buy a trendy jumper in bold colors or a nice tunic dress and construct a look with accessories from your wardrobe.



Second Trimester

In your second trimester the bump is visible but it may not be the cute round shape, yet. In my personal experience when I was five months pregnant, I would try and wear only extra-large clothes to feel comfortable. However, when you can look beautiful during pregnancy too, then why not take your fashion choices a notch higher. As Christmas brings in a lot of glitter and sparkle, get inspirations from your surroundings. Invest in sequined dresses and A-line princess cuts to look feminine and beautiful.

Avoid extra-large tops, or balloon sleeves which will make you look chubbier then your current size. The key is to dress up around the belly and not look oversized. Add belts above your bump and accessorize for an elegant look.

Buy a sequined dress or top and keep the overall look minimal. If you are buying a top then pair it with a favorite pair of jeans for a fashionably comfortable outing.


Third Trimester

If you are in your third trimester your bump will be fuller and bigger. You will start to feel huge and lot of clothing options could be uncomfortable. So ditch the pants and opt for a maxi dresses or even a bodycon at this point. Own that bump by wearing bodycon dresses which will highlight your baby bump as well as accentuate your overall figure. Add an overcoat to look classy and match up to your pregnancy glow this holiday season.

Avoid dull colors and experiment with different shades. Invest in coral colors as it is the Pantone shade for the coming year and be fashionably forward during your last stage of pregnancy. Try bold and bright colors as well, to create a statement look.

Buy a bodycon dress or a maxi dress and finish the look with an overcoat from your wardrobe.




During pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes. Feeling comfortable should be your top priority to enjoy the festivities and otherwise. Your wardrobe may have to be updated constantly for the different stages of pregnancy. Hence, always note that try and play with the clothes you already have in your closet. Attach waist bands to your denims or pants to make it comfortable. Buy clothes that can be recycled later to fit you once you’re back to your normal size. There may be family members or friends who might still have their maternity clothes intact. You can always borrow a few pieces to create your own new look.

Tips to Style Your Outfit

  • Experiment with accessories to accentuate the look and take the attention off the problem areas
  • Add the right amount of layers to look chic and not overdo it
  • If you’re new body shape is busty then opt for off-shoulder outfits to emphasize your shoulder frame
  • In case you are heavy on the legs, try wearing maxi dresses to look leaner and tall.  

Again each bump is different and can be styled differently. When it comes to footwear, stick to shoes or kitten heels to make walking at your new size, extremely comfy. Apart from taking cues from these style formulas, stick to your personal style to own the outfit in every way possible. On that note Happy holidays, ladies!


P.S: Pictures are just used for representational purpose in this blog and cannot be used when publishing the article.

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