The myths about baby sleeping poitions


If you are a new dad and mom, you will receive plenty of advices and ideas from friends and relatives. Some of the ideas you’ll get might be just myths while a few of them might be factually. This is why this post separates myths and facts and is intended to benefit new parents.

Sleeping position

Myth: a newly born baby must be put to sleep on their side

Fact: Babies should be put to sleep on their back to help reduce sudden infant death syndrome. Avoid putting the baby to sleep on their side or stomach.

Controlling sleep

Myth: a mother can control how long and when the newborn baby should sleep

Fact: All new born babies will fall asleep when they are ready to sleep and will always wake up when they are upset, wet or hungry. As a mother, don’t try to create a schedule for the babies. Just learn to respond to cues.


Myth: It is an outdated method that is used to comfort a fussy baby

Fact: Swaddling can effectively be used to comfort the baby. Your pediatrician or an experienced mother should show you the right techniques to saddle your baby.

Taking a nap

Myth: a nap in the stroller or a car is not good for your child

Fact: let the child take a nap whenever they want to do so whether it is in a stroller or a car. It does not matter. What is important is that the child should sleep soundly. However, ensure that you transfer the baby to its bed so that it safe.

Rice Cereal

Myth: if rice cereal is added to the bedtime bottle, it helps the baby sleep soundly.

Fact: There is no evidence that rice cereal can impact on how the baby sleeps. In fact, introducing cereal at an early stage can be risky. Children under 4 moths may not be able to digest cereal rice.

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