The importance of preschool

The importance of preschool

Pre-school education plays a critical role in brain development. It comes when brain development is at its peak. At this point, the brain is forming critical paths which influence the ability of a child to learn. Children at this age learn fast and are ready to learn new information.  The brain is ready to absorb as much information as possible and store it. If the child gets 10 hours or more of sleep each day, the brain will be ready to learn more information. In preschool, the child interacts with an environment that is content rich. and is exposed to materials and information that helps them think and learn more.

Secondly, preschool provides the child with a structured environment that stimulates brain development. Trained pre-school teachers show children the love they require to help their brain to develop. The classroom layout, the textures, sounds and varying activities stimulate the child to learn more. Their classes are designed in a way that gives children a sense of belonging and security. It helps them build a perspective about schooling and understand schooling environment.

Lastly, it is in pre-school where the child gains key social skills. Here, they learn how to listen, how to talk, apologize and interact with children from other cultures. It helps them learn how to speak in groups, how to empathize and how to feel compassionate.

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