The first brush

The first brush

When children reach the age of 2 to 3 years, it is necessary that they get introduced to brushing their teeth. However, at this stage, it is vital that you brush their teeth for them until they stabilize their level of coordination and attention.

The first thing you need to do is to teach them how to hold the brush. Ensure that you choose a good-sized brush that is designed to fit in the child’s hand. Use a pea-sized paste and tell the child what you want them to do. Start by brushing the inside of the teeth, but angle the bristle at 45 degrees towards the gum line. Brush two teeth at a time. This should be done gently and in a circular motion. 

Ensure that you clean the outside surface of the teeth before you move to the inside part of the teeth. Once you are through, you should turn your attention to the tongue. The surface of the tongue should also be brushed.

If you have the time, this should be done at least twice per day. It helps to inculcate teeth brushing habit in the kids.  Ensure that the toothbrush used is soft and small headed and should fit in the kid’s mouth comfortably and should remove all the food particles. Lastly, rinse the mouth with clean water.

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