The Best Way To Teach Kids How To Speak English


Teaching elementary ESL can be fun if you know what to do, but it could also be a nightmare because language is abstract and it could be difficult to explain grammar and syntax rules to children. This post looks at the three essential strategies that can help you to teach the little kids English effectively.

Make It Fun

Kids love anything that is fun and brings happiness to them. It is the reason why the first lesson in a kindergarten entails playing with some academics embedded in the play.  Ensure that you set a goal to be accomplished and formulate games that can help you accomplish the goal.

Be Creative

Ensure that you remain creative because kids will get bored if you repeat the same thing every other time.

Include Art in Your Class

Children love art. They like colorful and exciting things. They have the inborn artistic tendencies, so you should take advantage of this and teach them about colors and shapes. 

Make the Lesson Active

Children learn best if the lesson incorporates some movements. Involving body movement when teaching children a language can be vital because it enables them to comprehend what they are learning and retain the learned skill.

Word Play

The best way to teach English is to come up with word play.  Create scenarios with words and play around with them. 

 Avoid Putting Them under Pressure

Children learn aspects of a foreign language more easily than adults do.  The learning goes through many things such as recognizing the words. Learning to pronounce them and using them in sentences. Let them learn the words naturally and do not put them under pressure or correct every error the child makes. Also, remember that children may not be able to articulate the grammar correctly, so ensure that you just keep it fun and pressure free.

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