The Best Sports Gear for Children this Season!


 If you want to get your kids out and active sports gear is the way to go but, what is the best sports gear to get? What are your children going to love? Well, read on to find out.


The BacKstop is a a good one to practice pitching to determine whether you’re throwing a ball or a strike.  it’s essentially an inflatable catcher that has a zone where if it’s backed by the net, and if the pitch doesn’t end up there, it won’t strike.  This is good for hardball substitutes and other wiffleball products.  If you’re looking to get your child more into pitching, this is the way to do it.



Getting your child a trampoline doesn't mean just a ton of fun, it’s a great exercise.  Trampolines are perfect for the outdoors since they are fun to jump around in, especially during the warmer months. Lots of times, trampolines are fun too if you’re looking to really get your child exercising.  If you don’t have the space for it, you can also get smaller trampolines, or if you know the child isn’t fully potty trained and you want them near the bathroom.  A trampoline is a great gift, and there are some that come with full nets, allowing you to protect your child as well.


Boxing Set

Does your child do martial arts? Well, why not get them a boxing set. This can be anything from the small boxing gloves to even a boxing set where the child can practice. Your child may be a future Merryweather for all you know, and you can get a fun boxing set for them. Personally, I love the one where your child can throw some punches about, and you’ll be able to get them to not only expel probably a ton of the pent-up energy they have, but also get them to get better at this too. Plus, it works well with other martial arts too. So yes, if your child likes to throw punches and is interested in boxing, this is a good way to get started with this.


Starter Golf Club set

Some children love to golf, and if you’re a parent that has a child that enjoys it, this is the perfect set. Usually, each starter club set involves a unique array of different clubs to choose from, that work with everything from putting to even teeing off. If your child is one who likes to play golf, or is interested in learning this sport, a set is a great way to get the child to master their skills, and it’s a good beginner set that they can work with.

Baseball 360

Does your child play baseball? Do they want to get better? Well, why not give them the perfect hitting solution they need! This is a way to measure your hits, and to determine the data that you put forwards. There is a silicone blast sensor that you put at the bottom of whatever baseball bat you use, and from there, through the use of motion-capture technology, you can find out all of the data that you need on every swing you take, whether you’re doing it at the batting area itself, or even the angle of the pitch and whether or not it was a type of attack or not.  It will give you draw data to work with, but it also will give you drills and tips to improve your training. If you want to get better at baseball, this is a worthy investment for every promising young player.

For many parents, buying them sports gear is something that will help get them started on their hobby. If your child has ever been interested in sports, I highly encourage you get them something to help facilitate that excitement and desire. Parents can get their children interested in sports with the right gear, and you can always look to find out more popular spots gear that your child will use, and ones that will allow them to get better every time. If your child has siblings or even is preparing for a sibling, this is a great way to get everyone involved and healthy too.

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  • Dan Canfield
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