Teaching children good eating habits

Teaching children good eating habits

Teaching children good eating habits is important since it helps them to remain healthy. First of all, it is important to understand that these are toddlers and their digestive systems are not fully developed, so it is necessary that you start by giving them soft foods such as mashed bananas and cereals. Ensure that their hands are clean to allow them to use their fingers to explore as they eat and introduce them to new foods as time goes by since young children love new flavors and textures.

Their Relationship with Food

How children relate to certain types of foods is important. As a parent, observing how they relate to the meal you have prepared can help you find out their favorite food.

Encouraging Them

Just like any other activity, accidents can happen when eating. As a parent, it is important that you ignore minor messes and focus on encouraging children when they experience some level of success. Serve meals that they can take with spoons and those that they can take with their fingers. Demonstrate how they can eat each of the meals.

Eat Slowly

The child will be taking cues from you, so, it is important that you encourage your child to chew and enjoy the meal.

Eating Atmosphere

Ensure that you create a positive atmosphere around the table. Switch off the TV and stop working while eating. Keep talking to the toddler and encourage them to eat bit by bit. If they throw the food, don’t get angry but let them understand that there are consequences if they continue misbehaving. It helps to develop a good atmosphere and attitude.

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