Taking care of your preggo wife

Taking care of your preggo wife

The role of a father during pregnancy cannot be underrated. A good father should be around the mother to give her support and care during the period. Unfortunately, first-time fathers will always find themselves at a crossroads. So, they will be tempted to step aside and wait for clues from the mother on what they should do and what they should not do. This post focuses on three things a man should do to help his pregnant woman.

Remain Positive

Staying positive as you attend to your pregnant woman is the best thing any caring man should do. Doing anything short of that will only scare your wife and may give her sleepless nights. This is not good for her health and that of the developing fetus. 

 Help In Massaging Her

Women who are in their third trimester need a lot of help. Their bodies ache, their joints pain and the punches and kicks she receives from the baby may make life unbearable. You can help her cope by offering massage before she sleeps. Leg and back massage can make her relax and enjoy her sleep.

Read and Learn More about Pregnancy

This is critical since it will help you understand what she is going through. It will help you provide solutions to whatever problems she may be facing. Understanding the emotional and physical changes she will be going through is critical and can help you become more sympathetic when she cries over small things or experiences mood swings. It will also help you understand when labor starts and you will know what to do at the right time. 

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