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Summer season means spending more time outside, and with not as many clothes as one would wear during the cooler seasons.  The sun is shining brighter and temps are even warmer. This means, time to be more diligent in sun protection regimen. A good sun protection regimen helps to ensure that good skin health is maintained, In this article we will discuss how to keep children protected.

As we all know, children's skin is more sensitive than an adults, it is also smoother and found to  be more attractive than an adults. Starting a good sun protection regimen helps children to maintain their youthful appearance and to minimize sun damage.

One way to protect children's skin from the sun is to invest in a good sunscreen. There are many great sunscreens on the market for children.  The recommended SPF for children is fifteen up to thirty. Sunscreen should be applied fifteen to thirty minutes before heading outside. Once outside it should be applied every two hours. If spending time in water, the sunscreen should be applied more frequently, and a waterproof sunscreen should be selected.

Have your child put on a hat. Hats with wide brims are available for children of all ages. 

Having your child wear a hat helps to keep the sun from beating down on your child's face. Wearing a hat also helps your child to keep cool and shaded. Depending on the age of your child, there are some hats that come equipped with snaps to keep the hat on. Parents can also use small umbrellas for sun protection when out and about.Keep your child covered up when outside as well in light materials that allow for coolness and sun protection. Overexposed skin is more susceptible to sunburn.

Children should also be kept out of the sun the hours when the sun is at its peak. The hours that the sun is at its peak are usually between the hours of ten am and four pm. This is when the sun is the strongest, and can cause the most damage. We know that this is the time of peak activity, so it may be somewhat impossible to keep children from playing outside during those hours. Many other activities of the day are usually also planned during these hours as well. If your children want to go outside during these hours or there are activities make sure that sun protection is strongly in place. If possible however, try to plan outside time around the time when the sun is not the strongest. Babies under six months of age should be kept out of the sun, as their skin is very delicate.

Lastly, use sun protection even if it is cloudy outside. It can be a little fooling, when you don't see the sun due to it being cloudy. Many parents and caregivers, make the mistake of thinking: “out of sight out of mind”.  The sun is always out, even if one can't see it, and parents/caregivers should make sure that their children have sun protection. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips to make your summer smarter and safer.






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