Sleeping tips when pregnant

Sleeping tips when pregnant

Having enough sound sleep is key to a pregnant mom-to-be

First, it is important for an expectant mother to eat a balanced diet. She should also exercise regularly. In addition, it is recommended that they get as much sleep as possible during the three trimesters.

Sleeping position

The best sleeping position is sleeping on the side. There are many reasons for this. For instance during the first trimester, blood must be pumped from the heart to nature the fetus. This is the time when the stomach is bulging and so it is difficult to sleep on the side. An expectant mother should sleep on the left side to allow more blood to flow to the fetus. Generally, sleeping on the left lateral position improves blood circulation.

Sleep during the day

Pregnant women should create some time for sleeping during the day. They should make the bedroom peaceful with soothing music and aromatherapy to ensure that they enjoy the sleep.

Using pillows

Pregnant women should tap pillows between legs and knees to increase their comfort. They can purchase special pillows made to support and help take pressure off the back of a woman.

Keep the neck and the head elevated

This is one of the strategies that can be used to control the heartburn that occurs in the second trimester, which makes sleeping difficult.


Pregnant women should avoid caffeinated drinks when they are just about to go to bed to reduce the number of times they visit the bathroom and reduce the rise in progesterone which makes pregnant mothers tired.

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