Sleeping positions during pregnancy


If you are expecting your first child, the growing belly and tender breasts may make sleeping difficult. Also, it may not be easy to lie on your back as the pregnancy progresses. This post looks at the best sleeping positions for an expectant woman.

Sleeping on your back is good especially if you are among the expectant mothers who suffer from heartburn. However, as the pregnancy progresses, it is important that you avoid lying on your back because the weight of the uterus presses on blood vessels, back muscles and the spine. This is not good since it decreases the amount of blood flowing to the baby and around the body.

Ideally, your body will go through a lot of changes. Some of the changes will certainly disrupt your sleep and cause a lot of discomfort. The problems you will face include: increased abdomen, heartburn, and back pain, insomnia and short breath. So what is the best sleeping position for expectant mothers?

SOS- this is the best sleeping position for pregnant mothers. SOS means sleep on your side. In fact, it is recommended that you sleep on your left side so as to increase the amount of nutrients and blood that reaches your baby and the placenta. Ensure that you keep your knees and legs bent for the best results. If possible, try to put a pillow between your legs. If you are experiencing some back pain problem, placing a pillow under the abdomen using SOS will help you a great deal. If you are experiencing short breath, lie on your side while propped up with pillows.

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