Sleep disorders in children

Sleep disorders in children

Most children will have trouble sleeping at some point in their lives because of watching scary shows in the day, or because of excitement over the next day’s events. Sleeping problems in kids is, therefore, a big problem which should not be ignored. Thus, measures must be taken to stem it before it gets out of hand.

Sleeplessness becomes a big issue if it makes it difficult for the child to wake up in the morning. The problem has been found to lower the Childs IQ. Children who suffered from insomnia are incapable of concentrating or even solving problems that require some level of thinking.  Also, insufficient sleep in children has been found to be one of the reasons behind childhood obesity since it interferes with the hormones that determine appetite.

Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that children who show signs of sleeplessness are helped. The first thing that should be done is to ensure that you eliminate the nights of disrupted sleep. Studies show that the more nights of disrupted sleep a child experiences, the more the chances that he will develop a habit of enduring sleeplessness. Notice that the longer the child takes enduring difficulties in sleeping, the more likely that he will learn how not to sleep.

Thus, to deal with a sleep disorder that involves interruptions, it is recommended that the amount of light in the rooms where the child sleeps should be minimized.  Avoid banging doors or making noise, which is likely to interfere with the child’s sleep. If the sleep disorder does not go away on its own, it is recommended that you take the child to an expert for further assessment and medical help.



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