Simple exercises for pregnant women



Pregnant women must exercise regularly to help strengthen their bodies. According to experts, expectant women must keep moving so as to give the body the energy it requires during pregnancy. Exercises help to lessen back pain and ensure that the body is in a good shape. Here are simple workouts that can be undertaken while at home.

Ensure that you do the workout every day if you want to get the best results. However, check with your doctor before you embark on training and exercising.


This exercise requires an expectant mother to stand parallel to the back of her study chair. The hands should rest on the chair while the feet should be kept parallel to the chair. The mother should then turn out 45 degrees and pull the belly button in and up. The knees should remain bend and the torso lowered. While doing all this, the expectant mother should ensure that the back is kept straight. Finally, the legs should be straightened before returning to the starting position.

Slide –Lying Outer and Inner Thigh

The exercise requires that the expectant mother should lie on her right side and support the head with the forearm. She should bend the right leg at 45 degree while the left leg should be in a straight line. The opposite arm must be placed on the floor to maintain stability. Ensure that you lift the leg to the height of your hip. The rep should be repeated several times.


The expectant mother should go down on the knees and hands while maintaining the wrists directly under the shoulders. The knees should be lifted while the legs are straightened until the body forms a straight line. Note that the expectant mother should not arch the back or allow the belly to sag. This exercise strengthens the back and the arms.

Curl and lift

The mother should sit on the edge of a study chair while the feet are on the floor. The arms should be at the sides. The mother should lift weights of about 5-8 pounds in each of the hand and bend the elbows to form an angle of 90 degrees. The elbows should be bent and the weight lifted towards the shoulders. The arms should then be lowered to the sides before straightening and returning to the normal position.

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