Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

If your pregnancy is normal, you may still continue having sex until the time your water breaks or when you go into labor. Having sex while pregnant will not hurt your baby in any way as the uterus is made up of strong muscles and when you add that with the amniotic sac, they both provide adequate protection to your baby. The cervix too has a thick mucus which helps to protect the mother and the baby from infection.

An erected penis cannot go beyond the vagina, therefore, chances of the penis reaching the baby are very slim. Sexual stimulation and orgasms can not trigger labor nor lead to miscarriage. However, orgasm and nipple stimulation may cause milled uterine contractions which are temporary and harmless.

Some women report more pleasurable sex during pregnancy while others may find it less pleasurable. More pleasure is caused by engorgement of the genitals resulting from increased blood flow around the pelvic area. Such women may also experience vaginal moistness and increased discharge.

In some women, the genital engorgement may make them uncomfortable and may feel contractions during and after intercourse.

In some cases, breasts may feel tingly and quite sensitive to touch in the first trimester. In some cases, the heightened sensation may turn some women on while others will prefer that their breasts remain untouched.




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