Safe and fun games for children

Safe and fun games for children

The best kid games should not just help then have fun, but also make them think critically. The games should be educational and help the child to grow socially, mentally and physically. This post looks at the 4 top board games for your kids.

There have emerged numerous board games for kids. They are all intended to help kids get from behind the scenes and involve themselves in face to face fun.  The most recommended board games include:

Robot Turtle Game

It is a game for little programmers, which help the kids to learn to code. It teaches the pre-school children the fundamentals of programming. If regularly played, the child will develop programming skills, learn how to solve problems and write computer games.  It's suitable for children aged four years and above.


Hoot Owl Hoot

The game is all about helping the owl fly back to its nest before the sun rises. The kids play color card and fly the space. If the owl gets to its nest before the sun rises, everyone wins. The game promotes problem solving and collaboration. It is recommended for kids aged four years and above.


  1. Elementos

It is one of those games developed to promote critical thinking and excite the child. The match lasts 15 minutes and uses the concept of three elements, tree water, and fire to overcome each other. The game promotes planning and laying strategies. It is suitable for kids aged seven years and above,


  1. Dixit

Dixit was designed to help unlock the child's mind and assist them to make correct guesses. Players use imagery on the cards to bluff their competitors and guess images that match the story. If your opponent guesses the card that tells your story, they emerge victoriously. The game is suitable for children aged eight years and above and promotes creativity, storytelling, and imagination.


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