Preparing your child for a sibling

Preparing your child for a sibling

It is true that the arrival of a new member of the family comes with changes that require a lot of preparations and attention. As a result, the older sibling may feel ignored and neglected and leaving them feeling jealous.  If the arrival of the newborn is sudden, the sibling may find it difficult to handle the situation forcing them to act weirdly. so, what do you do?

Depending on the child’s maturity level, you may consider telling them about the impending sibling. Telling them the period when the new baby will arrive such as winter or summer may prepare them for the new baby. The children should be given a chance to ask questions, and you should try to answer them to their satisfaction. For instance, they may want to know where the child will come from. Find an appropriate way to explain it.  You may tell them that the baby comes from the mother’s belly.

If the child gets excited about the new baby, encourage them to ask more questions and learn more about the newcomer.  You may also take the opportunity to explain that they will now have a brother or a sister. Teach them how they will hold the new baby when it comes.

As the days draw closer, tell the kids that you will be away for a few days (hospital) and instruct the caretaker to allow them to visit you while in the hospital after you give birth as this makes them understand that giving birth is a family event.

Lastly, ensure that you make changes such as moving the older babies to their new bed or room a few months or weeks before your due date.






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