Potty Training

Potty Training

Potty training is supposed to be fun! Unfortunately, it appears hard and difficult for most of the first-timers. Boys are easier to train than girls in most cases because they learn fast how to aim, which is not the case with girls. This post focusses at how you can teach the girls and boys how to potty.


If you are a first-time mom, the best way to do this is by using a potty chair. Ensure that the chair allows her legs to touch the floor. It helps to relax her pelvic muscles and enjoy the exercise. If the girl is using the adult toilet, you may need to get a step stool.  Teach her to sit on the potty so that both the vagina and the bottom are over the opening of the potty. She should be taught to sit with the knees apart. This too helps to relax the pelvic muscles,

Once she has mastered sitting on the toilet, the next thing that she needs to learn is to wipe herself. Wipe from the front to the back and allow her to watch you as you do it.


Start by teaching him how to aim while peeing. If he is still too young to stand, you can teach him using a potty chair. Let him push the penis down before sitting on the potty. If he is standing, he should be taught how to position himself with the feet apart. It helps him to aim accurately. If the dad is present, the kid should watch him do it.

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