Maternity clothing tips

Maternity clothing tips

The First Trimester

If you are afraid of divulging your growing secret, you need to start yourself off by buying silhouette clothing that flows over your belly, hips, and thighs to help camouflage the growing tummy. Consider wearing soft knits wrap shirts, empire waist tops, and dresses. A blouse with a waistband at the bottom but with plenty of room above the band should be able to take you through the first trimester.

Second Trimester

At this point, the secret is finally out, and everyone around you knows that a baby is coming. Thus, this is the time you must settle down and enjoy your pregnancy. You need the extra energy and an active mind to help you carry your baby safely. To do this, you need to invest in maternity clothing that is comfy. These include:

-Maternity dresses

-Full panel jeans and pants

- Ruched shirts

Soft stretch fabrics are recommended. Consider a collection of long ruched maternity dresses designed to fit and grow with you.  You are free to wear lace maternity briefs and bras. Wrap dresses and flattering maternity jeans at best.

Third Trimester

It is referred to as the home stretch, and you should prepare yourself to meet the baby.  You need to keep comfy and wear attires that can help you relax.

Cotton maternity dresses are recommended. Remember your skin is quite sensitive, and so it is advisable that you wear dresses made from soft fabrics such as linen, cotton, and cashmere. Buy adjustable maternity wrap dresses, empire waist style dresses, which bring definition to your waist. Switch to flat shoes to enhance blood circulation and banish back pain. Lastly, ensure that you wear maternity maxi dresses during the last two weeks and meet your newborn baby in style.


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