Keeping your children active

Keeping your children active

Just like adults, children too need to remain active throughout the day to promote healthy growth and development. Notice that kids who establish a healthy lifestyle pattern when young will continue to reap the benefits later in life. 

Exercises make children’s bones grow stronger and improve their muscles and joints.  A child who engages in physical activities is likely to have a healthier weight range compared to those who are not and will also interact with and learn from their friends as they take part in activities. 

Activities also help the brain to grow and enhances the child’s concentration. When children exercise in a team, they learn to be part of the team, especially where they have to do the activities with members of their family or friends.

As a parent, it is necessary that you provide support and guidance to the child and let them do those exercises that match their level of fitness. Praises and rewards should be used when the child makes an achievement but don’t allow the children to over exercise too soon since that can result in injuries.  Ensure you include warm and cool down activities in each session and, buy your child the right protective gear to reduce injury.

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