Is the internet good for children?


There are a lot of speculations and claims about the internet which has left many parents wondering whether the internet is good for children or not at a young age. For instance, there are claims that the internet is fueling eating disorders, and decreasing concentration. However, research shows that the technology comes with a lot of positives. They include:

Finding help

Young people are faced with a lot of challenges in their lives. When adolescents sets in, it becomes a big challenge and there is a lot of help that can be found online.



The internet is playing a critical role in learning. Programs that teach math and science online, just to make a couple, makes things easier and more fun to learn.

Access to special needs and disability programs

The internet is full of programs that have been developed  to support people with special needs and disabilities. This means that young people with a disability can get help from the internet. For instance, playing minecraft has been found to help young people suffering from autism improve teamwork abilities and communication skills.


Making friends

Dealing with social situations is becoming easier for children because the internet allows them to interact with each other and feel less isolated.  Children who interact online are able to develop confidence which could be helpful in their life.


The internet is a home of fun, thus it gives children and adults a platform where they can have fun and feel relaxed. When moderated, the online world can be a great source of creative entertainment.

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