Increasing your chances of conceiving

Increasing your chances of conceiving

Some people conceive easily while others find it extremely difficult. Conceiving is a natural process that should happen when a mature egg meets a male sperm cell. This post looks at tips that can help women who are yearning to become mothers conceive easily.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Eating plenty of zinc alongside vitamins B, E, selenium, and iron is recommended since it helps to make you feel energized and improves the quality of sperms in men.

Avoid Unhealthy Fats

Even though potato chips and other snacks are enjoyable, it is important that you don’t consume them in large quantities if you are trying to conceive. Too much unhealthy fats will only increase infertility problems. Avoid trans-fats since they are likely to lead to inflammation and may impact on ovulation and development of the baby. Therefore, trans fats such as French fries, cookies and fried chicken should be avoided.

Increase Intake of Folate and Iron

If you are planning to take your fertility to the next level, enhancing your folate intake is recommended. They are essential nutrients that make a difference in the body’s ability to conceive. Folic acid and iron help to strengthen DNA, which in turn helps to keep homocysteine within a good range. Therefore eating foods rich in folates, such as spinach, chickpeas, and Lima beans is recommended.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Radiation

Don’t keep your cellphones in your pocket since it reduces the potency of sperms and significantly reduces the likelihood of conceiving. Also, avoid staying in the sun to help overcome fertility problems related to radiation.

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