How to wean your baby


Weaning can be a big challenge to new mothers. Choosing the right time to start weaning and what needs to be done to ease the transition are sometimes too confusing to them. Also, there are a number of mothers who worry that weaning could upset the child. This post intends to explain how weaning should be done.

Pediatrics recommends that exclusive breast feeding should be done for a period of 6 months. After the first six months, the mother is free to continue breastfeeding the child as she introduces solid foods. This should be done until the child attains the age of 1 year. If the mother and the child have no problem with breastfeeding, it can be continued beyond the 1 year bench mark.

Consequently, weaning should be started after the first six months. Here, a variety of solid foods should be introduced. After the age of 1, the child may be allowed to drink from a cup. The mother must then decide when to start weaning the baby and must always focus on the child’s needs. It is not advisable for the mother to compare herself with other families when she decides to start weaning.

When to delay weaning

The mother should consider weaning in the following cases:

  • When there are concerns about allergens. In fact, research shows that exclusive breast feeding for the first six months may prevent cow’s milk allergy, delay eczema and stop wheezing in the child.
  • When you notice that your child is not feeling well, it is recommended that you postpone weaning until the child recovers. Remember the transition can be handled well if both the mother and the child are in good health.
  • When a major change occurs and necessitate that weaning be postponed. For instance if a family has moved to a new environment or there is a change in situations that makes it difficult to handle the transition smoothly.

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