How to teach your baby to crawl

How to teach your baby to crawl

The process of teaching a baby how to crawl is complex because it involves cognitive and psychomotor skills that are yet to develop. However, you must take your time to teach the child how to go about it until it masters the skill. Babies must learn to coordinate arms and legs to help strengthen the muscles and allow the arms to support their weight.

You will notice that babies will want to jump forward while others will just want to scoot backward so encourage them to move forward and reach the object they want to hold. In fact, the best way to do this is to place the target object a few feet away from them. Note that these lessons should earnestly start at the age of 6 months. Start by encouraging the baby to alternate the left hand and the right knee followed by the right hand and the left knee, this ensures that the baby remains stable as they try to move.

Alternatively, baby should be made to lie flat on the belly and thrust himself forward using his arms. Don’t be in a hurry, encourage the kid to roll as much as he wants because it helps to strengthen the muscles and will help him learn to use those arms and legs. You will notice that some kids may skip some stage of crawling and move straight to walking but this should not surprise you because there is no standard procedure to be followed when learning how to crawl and walk. What does matter is the ability of baby to support himself and move around. 


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