How to Make Motherhood Enjoyable


Delivering a bouncing baby boy or girl is exciting! However, the duties that follow could be overwhelming. This post looks at the things that ought to be done to make motherhood easier and enjoyable.

Come Up With a Routine

If you are a good planner, you will find motherhood enjoyable. Plan the activities you will undertake during the day. Things like the time you will wake up, prepare food and eat, play with a baby and napping can make your day enjoyable. Plan your schedule to help your baby know what to anticipate at any given time.

Helping Hand

The first few weeks after delivery are challenging. You need a helping hand to enable you to meet your needs and the needs of the child. Luckily, most people are eager and willing to assist the mother and the baby. Don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand from friends and relatives who come visiting.

Keep a Journal

Ensure that you keep a list of things you do. For instance, how long it takes breastfeeding and how long you take to bottle feed.

Befriend Other Moms

If you are a first timer, you need to talk to the more experienced mothers. Let them share their experiences with you. Have an idea of what you need to do when the baby starts to cry.

Catch a Nap When the Baby Sleeps

After delivery, you must be prepared to change your sleeping pattern. Your nights will be interrupted not once, not twice but multiple times. Because of this reason, it is important that you take a nap when the child is sleeping. If there are extra minutes, use them to take a shower or have "you" time.

Give Yourself A Break.

If you are doing the laundry yourself, there will be times when you will feel that you still have dirty clothes lying around It should not bother you. Give yourself a break and rest. Don’t try to do things beyond your capability.

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