How to help children develop early math skills


Numbers and counting are part of life and so children must be helped to master the skill at a young age. The best way to do this is to help the child understand the importance of numbers. Also, let them be aware of how the counting and numbers apply in their lives. You need to develop curiosity and awareness to help them want to know more about the numbers.

Once the child has developed the curiosity, you may introduce them to numbers by counting at least five objects. Remember that children at this stage learn best by using concrete things. You may use a number line to concretize the lesson. Count one as you point at one along the number line. Once the child has mastered this and can count 1-5, you may introduce them to writing the same. However, this must be done in stages to ensure that the child is not confused.  Ensure that the children can place the written numbers in the correct order and can arrange them starting from the smallest to the largest.

Children should be taught that 5 is more than 1. Use concrete items to help them master this. Use counters to demonstrate what one is and what 5 is.  Once this has been successfully mastered, you can introduce them to writing the numerals. Teach them how to write 1-5. Break the lessons into parts where each lesson focusses on writing 1 numeral. Do not hurry the child but move at their pace.

Once they have mastered counting and writing 1- 5, slowly introduce the addition of these numbers. Ensure that they master the concept of addition and let them practice it. Lastly, introduce subtraction and let them learn how to subtract numbers 1 up to 5.


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