How to Entertain Kids While Babysitting

How to Entertain Kids While Babysitting

If you are a seasoned babysitter, learning how to entertain kids will certainly make your work easier. Unfortunately, this task is not easy since kids will still complain and cry even when you’ve done your best. This article is intended give ideas on how you can make kids happy while you are in the babysitting seat.

Engaging Activities

As soon as you notice that kids are becoming fussy, get them something to do. Coloring, making crafts or playing a game could help keep them busy and entertained. Best yet, start a project with the little ones and  be there to help as they go through the steps to completion. This will keep the kiddos entertained and let them work on their project management skills. 

Making Funny Faces

Making funny faces while the kids are seated will make them happy. If it is a ‘’do not laugh game’’, let those who laugh first sit in the middle of the circle as you continue making funny faces. The last person to laugh should be declared the winner. Let the rest clap for the winner and sing a rewarding song.

Cooking and Food Preparation

Kids will always want to do things they see their parents do. Let them make their own drinks, peanut butter, sandwiches and more! Teach them the skills and let them get involved in the activities. 

Hide and Seek

This is the most popular game you can play with kids as you babysit. Let kids find a place to hide in the home and allow one or two of them to look and find their friends. Unfortunately, this game may not be ideal for the smaller kids.


If kids are a little older, go on a walk around the neighborhood or watch them as they ride their bikes/scooters.

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