How to care for your sick child

How to care for your sick child

A sick child will not eat normally. Also, they may not be able to eat regular foods, and so you will need to adjust their diet. The rule of thumb is that a child should be given foods of their choice and give them a wide range of foods to choose from. Do not force your baby to feed on meals they don’t like but ensure that you will offer them nutritional meals.

Your child should eat foods loaded with all the nutrients to help fight infections. Children who are too weak to chew or swallow solid foods should be given liquid foods and if your child has lost their appetite, there is a need to provide them with supplements to help repair the immune system and stop the body from using the muscles and body fat for energy.

Note that the child may not eat large quantities of food. So, it may be necessary to continue giving them whichever foods they eat in small amounts.

If you notice they are finding it difficult to swallow, give them soft food but do not dilute the foods. Let them eat what they can until the appetite increases. 



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  • Dan Canfield
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