Helping a mother who has lost a newborn


Be by her side

A grieving mother needs someone beside her. She needs to hear your voice, experience your love and listen to consoling words.  Learn how you can help her end lactation using therapeutic and emotional support.

Keep flowers away

Don’t allow visitors to bring in flowers. When the bouquets wither and dry, the grieving mother gets may get depressed. You may allow a few cards and notes as  they show the grieving mother that someone is caring for her.

Let her read books

A mother who has lost a newborn may need something to keep her busy. A good magazine or a thrilling novel could help her. It reduces the time she spends thinking about her departed baby.

Manage social media

Let her tell you how they want you to deal with their social media and offer to filter her information to make her transition easier.

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  • Dan Canfield
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