Future moms, get some exercise! Too much sitting during pregnancy isn’t good for your mental well being.


It’s clear that physical activity isn’t recommended if your doctor prescribed you to rest due to your specific pregnancy condition. It is also well known that expectant moms should avoid physical activities that are too difficult and/or require an excessive effort. However, if you don’t do any physical activity you risk staying healthy, and as a result, the baby's health could be at risk.

Today, we know that the hormonal dis balance can disturb women’s mood, especially during their pregnancy. Moreover, the lack of physical activity during pregnancy has damaging influence on women’s mental well being as well. Researchers from the Wawric Medical School, Great Britain, have proved, that there are greater chances for the expectant mothers who are sitting too much during their second trimester to suffer from depression, than for the pregnant women who are more physically active. The main cause of depression in general is decreased production of the endorphin, or so-called “the happy hormones”, that are released after the physical activity. Depression that is not adequately treated can bring potentially dangerous risks to the mother and her baby, because a depressed woman usually doesn’t have the motivation to care for herself and her developing baby. All of this can cause premature birth, low weight of the newborn infant, its developmental issues, lack of activity, distorted attention, and increased agitation. This is why the prevention is so important for both mom and her baby.

Not only that inactivity during pregnancy can cause some serious mental issues, such as depression, but also excessive weight gain (which affects woman’s mood as well!), varicose veins, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. 

It’s clear that pregnant women should avoid physical activities that are too difficult and/or require an excessive effort, but any relaxing activity, like light jogging, swimming, or special pregnancy exercises, can considerably improve woman’s mood and, consequently, both her and her baby’s  health in general. These days, one of the most popular forms of physical activities for expectant moms is the prenatal yoga, which consists of special postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, all of which helps to ease pregnancy, delivery, and after effects of childbirth.


Doctors suggest pregnant women to take a walk for half an hour a day in order to stretch the muscles and stimulate circulation, which maintains both physical and mental health.

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  • Dan Canfield
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