Fun and healthy lunch ideas for toddlers


In one of our previous articles, we discussed fun and healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers. Now in this article, we will give tips for the next important meal of the day which is lunch. Lunch time can be a great time for your toddler. They have been pretty active and need to refuel for the rest of their day. Read on for ideas that will refuel your toddler and make sure they have healthy bodies along with fun times for them,

One lunch idea is a mini veggie pizza. You can take an english muffin and slice it in half  and toast it. Then take pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever vegetable toppings you prefer and place it on the pizza and toast it again to cook the toppings. For an extra fun bonus you can have your toddler select what vegetables they want on their pizza. You can also make faces with the pizza. You can also add slices of fruit on the side for added nutrition.

Another idea is a sandwich roll up. Take a tortilla and spread your toppings over the tortilla, roll and then slice. This is a cute and whimsical way for sandwiches to be served.  A sandwich roll up can be made with mostly anything from peanut butter and jelly to turkey and cheese and anything in between.

Ants on a log is another fun one. You can clean and cut up small chunks of celery, spread peanut butter or sunflower butter on the celery. Then top with raisins.  This is a quick but filling way to make sure your toddler gets a serving of fruits, vegetables and protein. You can add slices of cheese or serve a small portion of milk on the side for a serving of dairy.

Fruit salads are also a great idea for a fun and healthy lunch idea for toddlers. You can take multi colored fruits and arrange them to look very attractive. This is a good way to have your toddler  love fruit and also hydrate them especially in the summer. Fruit can also be cut up and served to look like butterflies, palm trees, cars and other delightful ways.

These are just some of the ways you can serve your toddler fun and healthy lunch ideas. Be sure that all foods served are age appropriate, and that there are no allergens. We hope you enjoyed this article.

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  • Dan Canfield
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