Fun and healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers


Now that your child is a toddler, you may find that your little one is now a picky eater. You may find yourself frustrated that you can't get them to eat like you want. In some cases you may feel like just letting them eat whatever they want just to keep them quiet. However, there is no need to despair. In this article we will give you some fun and healthy breakfast ideas that will be sure to please your picky toddler.

One idea is smoothies. Smoothies are a way to get your toddler a good balanced breakfast all in one whip of the blender. It can then be served in your child's favorite cup, making it even more appealing. it's also a fun and healthy way to sneak in fruits,veggies and other ingredients they may not necessarily like on their own. Added bonus, you can drink some of the smoothie too for a quick healthy adult breakfast, just make sure to blend enough for yourself. There are plenty of great smoothie recipes online that are perfect for breakfast. One that is great and colorful to get you going is a berry banana smoothie. Choose any berry such as blueberry, strawberry or raspberry ( or if you are feeling adventurous choose all 3). Take your berries and then blend them up with a banana, a few ice cubes, milk, and yogurt.

Another way is to be creative with how you serve your toddler's breakfast. Making silly faces with round shaped food items and fruit cutups. You can try your hand at your child's favorite characters shapes, and silly faces you know they like.  For example you can make lion faces with pancakes and scrambled eggs. The round pancakes can be the face, scrambled eggs can be the lion's mane. Slices of banana with dabs of jelly can be the eyes, the mouth can be made with cut up strawberries.

Lastly, letting your toddler choose healthy foods for themselves is also an option. You can set out small bowls of cut up fruits, toast, cereal etc, and allow them to select small amounts of what they want. This helps them to learn healthy food choices, as well as pick things that they like. It can also be fun for them to pick it themselves as well.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make breakfast fun for your toddler. 

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