8 Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Eating a balanced diet is critical at all times. However, a well balanced diet is more essential to a pregnant mother than any other person. The developing baby requires nutrients, minerals and vitamins in order to develop. All this can be acquired from different types of foods; however, there are some types of foods that must be avoided by a pregnant mother. They include:

Raw Meat

Under cooked meat or poultry because it could be contaminated with salmonella, toxoplasmosis and coliform bacteria.

Deli Meat

Deli meat can be contaminated with listeria which is the main cause of miscarriage. Listeria crosses the placenta and could lead to blood poisoning or infect the fetus. Pregnant women who must eat deli meats should ensure that the meat is reheated until it is steaming.

Mercury laced Fish

Fish that contains high levels of mercury is not good for a pregnant mother because when an expectant mother consumes mercury, it damages the baby’s brain. The fish that should be avoided include king mackerel, swordfish, and shark and tile fish.

Smoked Seafood

Smoked or refrigerated seafood could be contaminated with listeria and should be avoided as well

Raw Shelfish

When shelfish is undercooked, it can cause seafood borne illness. Therefore if you must eat mussels, clams and oysters, ensure that it is well cooked. Red tides cause algae related infections and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Raw Eggs

Food that contains raw eggs or eating raw eggs should be avoided all together because you risk exposing yourself to salmonella. Homemade ice-cream, mayonnaise, caesar dressings and hollandaise sauces are made from raw eggs.

Unpasteurized Milk

It contains listeria thus; one must ensure that the milk is pasteurized before drinking it.


Caffeine should be avoided during the first trimester since it increases chances of miscarriage. Caffeine intake should be limited to about 200mg.

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