Foods that could be dangerous to your unborn baby

Foods that could be dangerous to your unborn baby
Some women find it easy to conceive while others must struggle and spend months trying to become pregnant. As such, a pregnant woman needs to take care of herself to reduce chances of miscarrying.  Some foods that find their way into our kitchen are dangerous and should be avoided by pregnant women who aspire to carry the pregnancy to full term. Consequently, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, the following foods should be avoided if possible.


All types of pate food whether made from vegetable or meat must be avoided since pate contain a higher level of listeria bacteria. When a woman is pregnant, the body’s natural defense against listeria diminishes meaning that eating food that contains this bacteria can lead to infection. The patient will experience mild flu-like symptoms which may appear several months after infection.

The illness may be mild but may harm the unborn baby. The bacteria can cause miscarriage and premature birth or loss of the baby. Women who develop listeriosis during the last month give birth to babies who are ill.  Fortunately, most pregnant women who eat pate during pregnancy have a low risk of being infected. Also, eating pate made of liver exposes the pregnant woman to a higher level of retinol, a type of vitamin A that is harmful to the unborn baby.


Green papaya contains an enzyme that causes uterine contractions. It means that women who eat papaya could actually experience contractions which could lead to complications if it is early in the pregnancy.


Pineapple is commonly used during the delivery time because it makes the process easy and fast.  The fruit contains bromelain which makes the uterine muscles smooth and could create discomfort to mama.

Aloe Vera

Pregnant women should not drink or eat anything that contains Aloe Vera. The reason is that Aloe Vera can lead to hemorrhaging in some cases.

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