Foods that can boost your child's IQ

Foods that can boost your child's IQ

Foods That Can Boost Your Child’s IQ

Studies show that when a child consumes the right nutrients, it improves the mental performance. According to one of the recent researches, children who took a multivitamin every day increased their IQ by 2.5 points. Other researches show that IQ could improve by 14 percent if artificial flavorings, dyes, food color and additives were removed from the diet and replaced with whole foods.   Fresh foods add 3000-5000 phytonutrients to the child’s body per day. Here is a list of foods your child should eat.



Blueberries are the most potent antioxidant foods you can ever eat. They are packed with phytochemicals that normalize and improve body health, and benefit the brain. Feed your child on frozen berries every day.


They are rich in folic acid phytochemical and antioxidants. When added to berries, blended into smoothie and stored in a freezer, it can be packed in lunch kits and served during break time.

Krill oil

It is rich in omega 3 fats and DHA. Fish oil reduces inflammation and protects the brains. This is critical since it helps to improve the mental function. When DHA is added to the mother’s diet during lactation, it raises the child’s IQ by about 3.5 points.

Pumpkin Seeds

The seeds are full of zinc one of the minerals that boost memory. Just a handful of pumpkin seeds per day are enough to keep ones brains in shape.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits such as oranges, limes and lemons are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which improves performance and memory alertness.


They are rich in brain building choline. Choline is only produced in the body in small amounts to help boost ones memory.

Lean Meats

They are rich in iron. Iron deficiencies may lead to fatigue and impair learning and memory. A person suffering from iron deficiency will feel unrefreshed even after sleeping and experience falling hair. In addition, he will have flat finger nails.


It contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Vitamin K is critical for proper brain function and is effective in fighting dementia.

Flax Seeds

They are loaded with healthy fat ALA and may be enjoyed when eaten as porridge or mixed with other foods.

Avoid Sugar

If you want your children to perform well and speak fluently, reduce the amount of sugar they take. Cut out on candy and soda and watch out on things like fruit juice.





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