Day to day live of a breastfeeding mother

Day to day live of a breastfeeding mother

A mother who is breastfeeding a toddler may wake up at 7 am, change the nappy and breast feed the child. As soon as the child goes back to sleep, she can use the opportunity to take a shower and get dressed.

The baby is most likely to wake up at 10 am to be breastfed again. The mother should breastfeed and play with the baby on the mat until the baby falls asleep again. The baby is most likely to wake up at for another round of breast feeding. The mother should take lunch and continue playing with the baby indoors.

The baby will go back to sleep between 2- 3pm. The mother can use this time to do some cleaning, watching a movie or something like that. The baby will wake up at 5 pm for another round of breastfeeding. The baby should then be given a bath and will most likely go back to sleep at 6.30 pm. The mother should use this time to prepare dinner. At 7.30 pm, she can catch up with the news or play with the baby. At 8 pm, the baby should be breastfed and dressed in a sleep suite. She should then be placed in her cot.

The baby should be breast fed at 10 pm, 12 am and 3 pm. Note that the nappy should be changed at 12 am before the baby is allowed to sleep again.

Of course this is not typical for every newborn but just shows you what a schedule can look like.

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